Living in one of Lynn’s residence halls is not just about where you sleep-it’s a way of life.  That’s why we call it Residence Life.  And each of the 5 residence halls scattered throughout the campus-where over 1,000 of your fellow students live-has its own style and South Florida flair.
Top 10 reasons living on campus rocks!
10    You don’t have to waste money for gas or time finding a parking spot on campus. Everything is within walking distance—no commute!
09    Your cable, Internet and utilities are included, plus wireless access is just about everywhere.
08    Scenic study areas, including lakeside hammocks and benches, make great places to read and relax.
07    You’ll enjoy great meals (24/7 dining) in a convenient location, so no need to cook and more time to study or play.
06    You have tons of opportunities to get involved and become part of the campus community.
05   Your roommate, your next door neighbor and friends you’ll meet will hail from every corner of the world.
04   Most on-campus activities are free of charge with lots of outdoor recreation options that take advantage of our South Florida weather.
03   You can sleep in, roll out of bed, and be to class in five minutes. That’s an extra half hour of sleep per day! Makes those 8 a.m. classes easier to take, and just think, you can even nap between classes.
02  Living on campus usually equals more time to study, better grades, greater likelihood of graduating on time and greater satisfaction with your college experience.
01  The total college experience … you have the rest of your life to live off campus!