Our academic catalog is an all inclusive magazine that outlines our campus life, academics, admissions, financial information, and general policies and regulations for the upcoming year. 

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Lynn University has a variety of majors and degrees for all of their incoming students to choose from. Within each academic year, your children will have the opportunity to choose courses that interest them the most. With help from their academic adviser, signing up for classes is never an issue for students. To view a full comprehensive list of all of our academic courses, please click here.  

The link below is an iCalendar download that can be accessed on any Apple device. The link will be frequently updated to ensure that all academic dates are accounted for.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR iCALENDAR.

During the January Term, students will participate in innovative educational experiences focusing on original ideas, topics, pedagogies and/or experiential learning.

The Dialogues January Term focuses on a civic issue, problem or topic and will engage in experiential learning opportunities and community service work with local, community-based partners. Thematic areas for the courses include homelessness, environmental sustainability and urban renewal. The selected partner organizations include Gumbo Limbo, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding South Florida and the Solid Waste Authority. Below are some key points to remember when registering for the January Term:

• All first year students are required to participate in the Citizenship Project.
• Registration for the Citizenship Project will take place during spring registration.
• Classes will include 2.0 hours of academic credit.
• Classes will be meeting for discussion in designated classrooms, while attending the Speaker’s Series, or while participating in off-campus service opportunities.
• The Speaker Series and additional service opportunities in the community may take place outside of the assigned class schedule.
• Please adhere to the schedule established by your faculty member as outlined in your course syllabus.

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For more information regarding our 2017 Citizenship Project (Required for all first year students) please click here