Through our relationship with LawRoom, we are happy provide a suite of over 50 web based training's to all employees in an on-demand fashion. Available training's cover a range of topics from human resources, OSHA, data security and privacy, discrimination and harassment, and even a detailed training on how to host holiday parties. With each completed training, the University and the participant are provided a certificate of completion. 

To request a training for you or your department, please submit a ticket using the instructions attached here: Lynn University Compliance Ticketing Instructions.pdf

The full course catalog may be viewed below.




FERPA and Academic Advising lesson and quiz    

FERPA and Athletics lesson and quiz    

FERPA and Campus Safety and Security lesson and quiz    

FERPA and Faculty lesson and quiz    

FERPA and Front-Line Staff lesson and quiz  

FERPA vs. HIPAA lesson and quiz