Center for Instructional Innovation

The Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) fosters the use of educational technology to enhance teaching and learning. Mike Petroski, Director of Faculty Development and Academic Assessment, heads up the CII with support from Lynn's Instructional Design team: Victoria Holcomb, Dawn Dubruiel, and JeVaughn Jones. Located on the second floor of Lynn's library, the CII features a technology-rich classroom where faculty can mirror their iPads to the Apple TV or project from the desktop computer. It also contains a faculty conference room where faculty can collaborate and connect via video-conference equipment. CII services include:
   - Coaching faculty in the creative use of educational technology
   - Offering pedagogically informed support in multiple formats, including:
      workshops, showcases, online tutorials and printed materials
   - Assisting faculty, staff, and students in gaining technology literacy skills

The CII explores emerging technologies and encourages discussion of new ideas and opportunities.