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April Appy Hour! 2015

Petroski presented Planets, an app that provides 2D and 3D views of stars, planets, moons, and constellations. The Globe view, allows you see a 3D globe that you manipulate with the touch of your finger. Hold your iPad to the sky and see a virtual view that orients your screen based on the direction in which you point the iPad.  Planet is available as a free and enhanced paid app.

   Matteo Peroni
presented three apps, Eye Tribe, Myndplay, and Action Movie.

Eye Tribe measures eye positions and movement using infrared and mathematics to determine a point of gaze. This device is being used in class to demonstrate marketing techniques to increase the impact of visual designs.

Eye Tribe is $99 for the scanning device and software.

Myndplay is a headset that senses and interprets brainwaves that infer your mental state. Brainwave meters are displayed as a bar graph, circular, and wave as the wearer responds or interacts to stimuli. This device is also being used in class to demonstrate marketing techniques to increase the impact of visual designs.

Myndplay is $130 for the headset and software.

Action Movie allows you to create movie style special effects on top of your iPad/iPhone video. Add a car explosion, spider strike, or a missile attack all with corresponding sound to your recording. Action Movie was Apple’s App of the Year 2012. Action Movie app is free with additional effects available for 99 cents.

   Gary Carlin presented two apps, Refme and Scannable.

Refme is an app that generates citations, reference lists and bibliographies. Scan book and journal barcodes or copy and paste a website URL to create a reference. Reference styles are available in MLA, APA, and 7,000 additional styles. Export your citations to email or Evernote.

Scannable is an app that you can instantly scan documents using the camera on your iPhone or iPad. Scans are automatically cropped and enhanced, producing clear digital documents. Scanned documents can be sent via email, exported as PDF, JPEG, or sent to Evernote. Scannable is a free app.

   Walid Abo Shanab presented two apps Genius Scan and MyFitnessPal.

Genius Scan an app that scans documents from your iPhone or iPad. Snap a picture, export and by email the PDF or JPEG. Genius Scan supports single or multiple documents. The app has built in page detection, perspective correction, and the ability to scan with color or black-and-white. Genius Scan is available as a free and enhanced paid app.

MyFitnessPal app is a calorie counter and exercise counter. An extensive food database provides the calories of food (fresh and packaged) and meals at most chain restaurants. The app displays how many calories you have consumed in a day and how many you have burned.  MyFitnessPal is a free app.

Enter your exercise level or record your steps via your iPhone and the app will recalculate your overall daily progress.

   Sanne Unger presented three apps, Word Feud, Viber, and EduBlog.  

Word Feud is an app that mimics the classic Scrabble game. Create and place words on the board. The classic options of Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word are there too! You can play up to 30 games simultaneously with friends, family, or random opponents. Word Feud is a free app.

Viber allows you to make video calls, send photos, and video message over Wi-Fi to Viber users anywhere in HD quality. Using your phone number as your ID the app syncs with your contact list. Viber is a free and enhanced paid app.

Edublog app allows users to manage and update their Edublog from their iPhone or iPad. You can write posts, moderate comments, upload photos/videos. The app provides all the functionality of what could only previously be accomplished in a traditional computer setting. Edublog was awarded Best Education Mobile App-2014. EduBlog is a free and enhanced paid app.

   Dawn Dubruiel presented two apps, Yowindow and Timehop.

Yowindow is your weather station. Users can time scroll to the weather prediction at any moment. The animated background landscapes provide a home for the weather picture including real time cloud coverage, rain, fog, and thunderstorms. Yowindow is a free app.

Timehop app brings together your photos from iPhone, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare constructing a digital library of you. Timehop displays photos of what you were doing on each date you posted social media. The app is a great way to reminisce, and  view your story using a variety of social media. Timehop is a free app.

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