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And the winners of the Canoe Challenge are …

Traditional Canoe Race – students
First Place – David Gibson, Shabach Tyus, Roland Morrison
Second Place – Alberto Gomez, Reyna Wilheim and Sophia Ellis
Third Place – Brian Garcia, Juan Manuel Lopez and Carolos Diaz

Traditional Canoe Race – Employees

First Place – Institute for Achievement and Learning: Dylan Kendrick, Adam Payne and Jesse Tucker
Second Place – Athletics: Lloyd Hamilton, Brendan Schroder and Brian Kingsbury
Third Place – College of Arts & Sciences: Tom Ferstle, Chris Rice and Michael Lewis

2 Man Speed Race
First Place – David Gibson and Sheback Tyus

Best Team Apparel/Costumed Team
First Place – CSI: Jaclyn Kuwik, Brandon Orta and Emily Finocchio
Second Place – Jessica Lyme, Jessica Pozzani and Jacquelyn Deaton
Third Place – DMAC: Mike Arsenault, Mike Centkowski and Alex Duque

Most Spectacular/Entertaining Sinking
The HOT MESS Group: Jordan Kaplan, Miranda Foster and Susan Werner

Golden Paddle
Dylan Kendrick, Adam Payne and Jesse Tucker

LynnPossible Float Race
Alberto Gomez

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