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Congratulations Team Lynn on a Great 5K!


Congratulations to all the full-time employees who represented Lynn University at the Mercedes-Benz 5K Corporate Run in West Palm Beach on April 12th! Hats off to Paul McPhee for being the first member of the Lynn team to complete the run at 22 minutes and 43 seconds!


5K Participants


Full-time Employees Who Participated in the 5K on the Lynn University Team:  

William Levy

Trevor Grafflin

Stephanie Clark

Stefano Papaleo

Sheryl Willett

Sherry Henry

Sheila Sheppard

Ruth Benavides

Rachel Weinstein

Paul McPhee

Miguel Antunes

Melissa Knight

Matthew Roche

Marlynda Comiskey

Lily Fong

Latoya Lewis

John Chambers

James Spells

Jaclyn Kuwik

Honey Frydman

Herns Jourdan

Gina Miller

Frederico Glitman

Evelyn Nelson

Erica Free

Edward Harriott

Diane Dicerbo

Debra Mcgriff

David Buttacavoli

Dan Bagnoni

Cameron Gill

Briana C Andrews

Brian Vogler

Barbra Cambia

Baraka Packer

Alison Leonard

Alanna Lecher

Aaron Greenberg



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