The Office of University Compliance manages four interrelated programs and function areas:


The mission of the Office of Compliance is to support and assist in fulfilling the University’s compliance obligations and ensures that all functions are carried out in accordance with laws, regulations, and policies. The Office serves as a centralized coordinator for the institution’s compliance efforts with the support of the Executive Compliance Committee and the Compliance Committee. The Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees provides oversight of the Compliance program. In addition to coordinating and supporting the compliance and regulatory obligations of the institution, the Office of Compliance assists in promulgating and enforcing the Ethical Code of Conduct. 


The Compliance Program seeks to promote and support a culture that builds risk and compliance consciousness into the daily practice of all University employees and staff.

Through careful identification, assessment, prioritization based upon the University’s own unique risk appetite, and management, the Compliance Program will assist the University in harnessing the power of effective mitigation strategies to support the mission of the institution and its programs. Examples of risk mitigation programs operated by the Office of Compliance include but are not limited to oversight of programs and activities involving minor participants, primary prevention and awareness for sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment, concussion management, and assistance with data privacy and security efforts. The Office of Compliance stays aprized of industry specific risks and works with campus partners to design comprehensive programs to mitigate identified risks. 


The Office of Compliance, through the Title IX Coordinator and the ADA Coordinator, oversees the Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Program, Disability Services, and the Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy. The Office performs the following functions in support of these programs:

  • Education, prevention, and training programs that inform the community about the risks and myths that contribute to Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and other forms of discrimination and harassment.;
  • Assistance and support, including procedures sensitive to a person who has been the victim of a Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct offense and or discrimination and harassment related to a protected class, and
  • A process for the prompt and equitable investigation and resolution of incidents of Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct, discrimination, and harassment that includes appropriate disciplinary sanctions for those who commit offenses, as well as the imposition of remedial actions to address and remedy the effects of such offenses.


The University Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation Program, directed by General Counsel and the Office of Compliance, has been designed to ensure that policies and procedures are developed, approved, issued, and maintained in a consistent manner with the engagement of appropriate University stakeholders. This program makes policies and procedures widely available to the University community in order to enhance compliance efforts and advancement of the University’s mission.

The program allows for the design of new policies, amendments or alterations to existing policies, and for design and/or alteration of procedures to increase compliance with institutional policies. The University Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation program focuses on administrative policies with very little oversight of academic policies.


Through our relationship with LawRoom, we are happy provide a suite of over 50 web based training's to all employees in an on-demand fashion. Available training's cover a range of topics from human resources, OSHA, data security and privacy, discrimination and harassment, and even a detailed training on how to host holiday parties. With each completed training, the University and the participant are provided a certificate of completion. 

To request a training for you or your department, please submit a ticket using the instructions attached here: Lynn University Compliance Ticketing Instructions.pdf

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